Credit Insurance

If customers do not pay their invoices, this is not only annoying. On the contrary, for every company, outstanding debts are a risk that is difficult to estimate. CCC Com Credit Contor therefore recommends conclusion of a Credit Insurance. In the event of a claim, a Credit Insurance provides financial protection for your company.

Preserve your profitability

A Credit Insurance tailored to your company protects you effectively against bad debt losses. It is monitoring the creditworthiness of your customers and reduces the risks of financial losses.

Also known as del credere or bad debt insurance, this coverage for supplier credit puts you, the policyholder, as the beneficiary in the event of a loss. Your bad debt losses are minimized.

Credit Insurance guarantees:

  • Reliable protection against bad debt losses
  • Protection of your company’s liquidity
  • Profitable trading
  • Qualified information on the creditworthiness of your customers

This is what CCC does for you:

  • You regularly receive a contract analysis from CCC. If it shows gaps in coverage, we are showing solutions.
  • Our guides and training courses ensure that you know all the conditions and obligations that must be fulfilled in order to receive your indemnification.
  • If customer limits are not adequately underwritten, we assist you with limit revision and develop strategies for a positive decision.
  • We will assist you in the claims process and ensure that your indemnity is paid promptly.