Surety, Bonds & Guarantees

Surety, Bonds & Guarantees often provide the basis for long-term and trusting collaboration. With the help of these third-party guarantees, suppliers and business partners ensure that a company is solvent and reliable.

Not only banks but also insurers confirm the solvency of your company in the form of surety bonds. Their conditions are often more favourable than those of banks. In addition, it is an advantage to be broader and thus more independent in the choice of your lenders.

Guaranteed solvency

CCC Com Credit Contor is at your side when it comes to choosing suitable partners for guarantees and sureties. This is because not all insurance companies have the types of guarantees you need. In addition, we advise you on the target-oriented presentation of your company towards the insurance companies – so that you are granted a sufficient and tailor-made surety & bonding credit limit.

Guarantees and Sureties offer you:

  • Assurance of the fulfilment of contractually agreed obligations/services
  • A credit of trust at your creditors
  • Lower costs and obstacles than with regular loans
  • Stability and security for your company

This is what CCC does for you:

  • In Surety, Bonds & Guarantees insurance, it is all about a custom-fit, cost-effective solution – preferably without the need for collateral. We will find the optimum for you.
  • When it comes to special solutions, you benefit from our long-standing contacts with surety & bonding providers.
  • We support you in extending your surety & bonding limit this relieves the credit facility at your bank.
  • We are at your side in the selection of the preferred insurer – and beyond: from the submission of the necessary creditworthiness documents till the credit approval.