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We help you to improve your creditworthiness.
With Hanseatic diligence and expertise. This has made CCC Com Credit Contor to one of the leading specialist brokers for Credit Insurance and Factoring for more than two decades and to your reliable partner.

Negotiations are our strength

Our negotiating skills are valued in the market for receivables management. We act cooperatively with all major credit insurers and factoring institutes.

Our service: Secure your liquidity

Therefore, every employee feels responsible and has full advisory competence on the following topics:

Credit Insurance

A strong foundation – our partner network minimizes your risk.


Ensure that everything flows smoothly – liquidity needs a secure receivables management.

Surety Bonds / Guarantees

Keep the wheel turning – by outsourcing liabilities.

Fidelity Insurance

Provide support – even in the unlikely event.

Purchase Financing

When things get tight – solutions to finance your purchases.

Refunded payments of Revocatory Action

Always by your side – especially when things don’t turn out as expected.


The key to your success – being able to make the right decisions.


Make sure the basics work well – secure the collection of receivables.

E-Commerce Solutions

Online shop marketplace – insure purchases on account, minimize rates of default.

The people behind CCC

Securing the liquidity of a company is a matter of trust. Put your trust in the people behind CCC!

From the founder Tim Hollweg to the partners and to every employee: Everyone is a professional in their field.
Together we aspire to get the best for our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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