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E-Commerce Solutions

Non-payment of invoice purchases is one of the most important issues for online merchants.

CCC Com Credit Contor supports B2B and B2C online shops in the optimal selection of payment methods to be offered – and in all questions regarding risk and receivables management.

Profitable growth for your online shop

The goal of an online shop is to achieve the highest possible conversion rate. In order to reduce purchase cancellations in the last user step – the payment process – to a minimum, we develop an optimal mix of payment options for your shop. In addition, it is important to avoid bad debts due to fraud or non-payment.

Talk to us about effective risk and receivables management (with or without payment guarantee) – so that your shop growth is secured!

E-Commerce Solutions from
CCC Com Credit Contor:

  • Protection against non-payment when purchasing on account in online commerce
  • Minimization of default rates
  • Development of „best practise“ payment solutions
  • Securing shop turnover through effective fraud protection

This is what CCC does for you:

  • Expert Consultation on all aspects of payment solutions as well as risk and receivables management.
  • Conceptual planning of your payment processes.
  • Tender management including selection of providers, analysis and comparison of services and prices.
  • Contract negotiations.
  • Support with technical implementation.