Fidelity Insurance

Hardly any entrepreneur can imagine being cheated by employees, partners or suppliers. But according to a study by the auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers, almost 50 % of all companies fall victim to white-collar crime within two years. The most common crimes are embezzlement, fraud, misappropriation, theft and computer misuse.

Fidelity Insurance offers effective protection.

Trust in good protection

Fidelity Insurance covers the financial losses resulting from the follow-up costs of investigation, recovery and legal action. CCC Com Credit Contor recommends the right insurers for you.

We generate customized offers, structure the contracts and provide competent support in the event of a claim. This gives you back trust – the basis for successful cooperation with employees, suppliers, business partners.

The right protection against Reliance damage saves you:

  • Liquidity bottlenecks due to fraud or embezzlement
  • Follow-up costs after a loss through fidelity cases
  • Cost-intensive legal advice and prosecution
  • Financial losses due to liability claims against your company

This is what CCC does for you:

  • We analyse your coverage needs and obtain customized offers for you – because the sum insured and clause contents matter.
  • We provide information on cyber risks and comprehensive advice on protection against hacker attacks and identity fraud.
  • CCC clients benefit from our know-how and long-standing contacts with insurers when it comes to prompt claims payment.
  • We help you provide evidence for indemnification – from identifying the perpetrator of the damage, to admitting guilt, to taking (criminal) legal action.