Secure creditworthiness

Credit assessment is an essential part of effective risk management. It is necessary to find the balance between business opportunities and the risk of payment default. This requires a comprehensive and reliable verification process.

Use information on default probabilities and data from public directories! This way you can evaluate new customers correctly and identify payment problems of your existing customers at an early stage.

Make the right decisions

Access to the leading national and international credit agencies provides CCC Com Credit Contor with valuable information for assessing the creditworthiness of your customers and partners.

CCC Com Credit Contor advises you competently: always with the aim of providing you with knowledge that empowers you to make the right decisions – and to acquire new customers. Ultimately, you also secure your own liquidity!

Creditworthiness is the backbone of your business:

  • Expressive assessment with permanent monitoring
  • Significant reduction of payment defaults
  • Maintaining and securing your company’s liquidity
  • Utilise new customer potential

This is what CCC does for you:

  • Take advantage of our unique selling point: direct access to one of the leading (inter)national credit reference agencies.
  • We know which credit reference agencies match your debtor portfolio and support you in the selection process.
  • We provide comprehensive advice on the creditworthiness information required for risk assessment, depending on the size of the order and the risk potential.
  • As a CCC client, you benefit from special solutions and top conditions with the providers.
  • We are also your competent contact for foreign credit reports.